Wooden Baby Tooth Keepsake Box Customize Personalized Baby Teeth Storage Organizer First Lost Milk Teeth Deciduous Souvenir Case (Girl)

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  • GO GREEN:This baby tooth keepsake box is made of all natural wood, environmentally-friendly. It is durable and sustainable for years.

  • UNIQUE PROFILE:There is a unique profile on the roof of the box cover,boy/girl, which can keep the children's unique profile, which including the child's name, birth date, constellation, etc.

  • KEEP MEMORY:Both the unique profile and the teeth organizing holes are memory keepers for each child. It will remind the family all those special touching moments, It also a reminder to the child that we need take good care of our teeth when we see activities on out teeth.

  • PEFECT PRESENT/GIFT:This baby tooth keepsake box can be a perfect present/gift for Christmas/X-mas, New year, birthday, baby shower and etc.

  • Color : Girl

There are one baby tooth keepsake for boys and one for girls. The weight is about 6 ounces each. The size is 4.8 *4.9 *1.2 each.


After your child turn 5, they will start to lose their baby teeth; Make sure you ask the dentist to get the teeth back; Boil teeth for at least 5 minutes to clean the teeth; After air dry, put teeth in corresponding holes of the baby teeth keepsake box.

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