Amazing Child Montessori Peg Board with 1000 Pegs

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  • Peg Board with 1000 Pegs

10 x 10 peg board with 1000 coloured pegs in 10 different colours;100 of each colour;Peg colours are equivalent to the short bead stairs (red, green, pink, yellow, blue, purple, white, black (for brown), navy blue and orange (for gold).;The plastic board is 157mm x 157mm. Each peg is 15mm long and has a diameter of 9mm / 4.5mm - please see second picture in listing;This peg board can be used for many of the exercises of the short bead stair and is particularly useful for subtraction as the pegs can be taken away, multiplication as all tables can be represented to 10x10 and division and used as the standard division board. So versatile and so simple the mathematical possibilities are endless: patterns, arithmetic, geometry, area, square numbers ... Of course the set does not have to be used for mathematical purposes and will be equally at home on the practical life shelves. The pegs are supplied in a plastic box with a lid.

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